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ZITRO International Limited is a Belizean Financial Services Company founded in 2009 and its primary core business is money transfer services. ZITRO is a Master Agent for Western Union with subagent and branches dispersed countrywide.

What else does ZITRO do?

ZITRO’s secondary business is its BillPay Collection services representing many companies for which you can pay your various bills in one place. ZITRO is the “One stop shop“ where you can send and receive money and pay your bills all in one trip.  ZITRO is an authorized agent for Belize Electricity Limited (BEL), Cable Broadcasting Company, Central TV and Internet, Switch TV, Alternative Network Limited, Credit Master System, A & S Covers, Mega Bonanza, COURTS and TROPIGAS and  Belize Telecommunications Ltd where you can purchase your Sim card.  ZITRO will pay your BTL and BWS bill online via Heritage Bank as well as Top up you phone via Digicell or Smart Gimmidalla services. We can pay for other services available through our ZITRO-Heritage partnership.

Who regulates the money transfer services?

The Money Transfer service is regulated by the Central Bank of Belize. They ensure that the money transfer sector follows the Regulations to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing and Fraud.

Why must I tell you why I am sending or receiving money via the money transfer service?

This is a requirement of both the Central Bank of Belize and Western Union to protect the customer and the industry from being used for illegal purposes. Proper identification, source and use of funds and authentic documentation by frequent and large sum users are required by the Central Bank. The information is also used for statistical purposes.

Why do you ask so many questions when other agents do not?

To complete a transactions certain information must be entered into the system  for the transaction can be completed. Agents who simply put any information run the risk of being sanctioned by the Central Bank and Western Union.

Why do I need to bring an ID or Western Union card?

The Central Bank of Belize requires that a valid government photo ID be used. The only ones accepted at this time are passport and Social Security card, (no driver’s license or voter’s ID will be accepted.) The Western Union card allows you to transact quicker as it already contains much of the information needed for the transaction. By using the same phone number for all transactions, the same is achieved. All IDs must be valid except for newly issued Social Security cards and Senior Citizen SS cards which will no longer have an expiry date.

What is the maximum amount I can send without going to the Central bank for a permit?

 To send more than $1000.00 BZD one must go to the Central Bank or Ministry of Finance for a permit. A Western Union agent will not send a penny over this amount for anyone no matter what. As long as you can satisfy the Central Bank that a larger transaction is legitimate, and you have the proper documentation and source of funds they will issue a permit. Copies of these documents must also be provided to the agent with whom the transaction is done.

Can a customer send $1000.00 at one location and send another amount at another location?

No, this is called structuring and is against the law. When these transactions are discovered they are referred to the Finance Intelligence Unit as suspicious transactions.

Why can’t a person under 18 years of age send or receive money using Western Union?

A person under the age of 18, under the laws of Belize, cannot enter into a contractual agreement with anyone and a money transfer involves a contractual agreement between Western Union and the sender or receiver.

Can a person receive money if the name on the ID and the transaction differ in some degree?

No, the names must match. This prevents fraud.

Can someone else other than sender or receiver get information from the Western Union agent?

No, only the sender or receiver can get information on the particular transaction and they must do it in person with proper ID.  This cannot be done by phone.

Can I receive my money if I do not have a tracking number?

No. You must have a number, know the sender, where it is coming from and how much you are receiving.

Can I receive my money in US currency?

No. We can only transact in Belize Dollars according to the Central Bank regulations.

How long does it take to reach its destination for pickup?

A receiver can retrieve money in less than 15 minutes.

Which sanctioned countries Western Union does not send money to from Belize?

Sanctioned countries include Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Crimea.