ZITRO International Limited

ZITRO International Limited is one of Belize’s newest financial services company, designated Master Agent for Western Union in Belize in October of 2009 and commencing operations April 26, 2010. Western Union stands at the core of ZITRO’s operation. ZITRO also operates as a Collection agency for various companies in Belize including BEL, Courts and Tropigas, Channel Broadcasting Cable, Central Cable Vision, and Belize Telemedia.

ZITRO and Heritage Bank have teamed up to afford Belizeans an easy and convenient access to pay their electricity, water and phone bills in real time. read more...

Grand Raffle

Get a chance to win by:

  1. Paying your bills using our ZITRO BILLPAY services.
  2. Receiving or sending money through WESTERN UNION.
  3. Applying for a loan through ZLOANS.
  4. Applying for a ZITRO Prepaid Card.
  5. Purchasing BTL or SMART Top Up.


Raffle valid from July to November 2017 leading up to the GRAND RAFFLE in December!!!

Our Services

  1. Western Union Agent
  2. Bill Pay for:
    • Channel Broadcasting Cable
    • Courts Belize
    • Tropigas
    • Central Cable Vision
    • Light
    • Water
    • Phone
  4. BTL Top-up
  5. SMART Gimme Dalla