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November 21, 2011

No more waiting in lines. No more hassle. ZITRO now offers Western Union customers the chance to have their funds sent directly to their bank account at Heritage Bank Limited or Atlantic Bank Limited. The new product is called Receiver Direct 2 Bank (RD2B) and customers simply have to fill out a form authorizing ZITRO to deposit their Western Union Money Transfer directly to their bank account. Customers will simply need to call ZITRO’s main office at 223-1678 or send us an e-mail at RD2B@zitro.bz informing us of the MTCN, Sender, Amount, Origin and Purpose for receiving the funds.

Visit our office today to fill out your form and start saving time and money. Customers who sign up today get a chance to enter our Monthly Loyalty Promotion Raffle and the opportunity to win prizes!!

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The Central Bank of Belize's New regulations on valid IDs:
Only Social Security cards and passports are acceptable valid IDs to do Western Union transactions.

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The cost of Sending Money Locally & Internationally varies depending on the amount being sent. There is no charge to receive money as the sender would have already paid at the origin of the transaction.

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Restrictions for Sending Money:

The Belize Central Bank restricts the flow of funds out of Belize by ensuring that outflows via money transfer companies do not exceed inflows. This creates a situation where the Western Union network has to be monitored daily to ensure that this balance is achieved and thus the need to regulate from time to time.

Agents can provide Central Bank of Belize permits up to $BZ1000.00 ($US500.00). To send larger amounts permits must be secured from the Central Bank of Belize.

Western Union Cards

Western Union Card

Western Union cards are offered to customers free of cost and provides the customer quick access to his/her information when sending or receiving money.  We encourage every Western Union user to get a card.